Investment in doubtful accounts has been established in recent years as a way of investment seated able to offer more interesting to investors returns.

Funds purchase debt with which we cooperate buy large portfolios of outstanding claims at deep discounts. Often these loans are older than several years.

The situation between the creditor and the debtor has been complicated and time to find a solution between the two has expired. Once the credit has been sold to an investor changes the situation completely.

The new creditor’s interest to reach an agreement with the debtor, because only then, protects your investment. This situation is an opportunity for the debtor to pay off its debt, a fast, and well below the nominal value thereof. This synergy of interests is the basis of investment in outstanding claims.

These funds have a broad portfolio of loans for sale. In case you were interested, we also offer you to participate in the form of Joint Venture, Profit Share or Exit Fee.

Thanks to our unique method of comprehensive workout, based on our multidisciplinary team of economists, lawyers and researchers, we get results well above other investors. The information provided by our researchers guarantee us this competitive advantage.

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