BACKGROUND: Over the past year history of the small and average European company have two very clear cases against European subsidies.

  • Lack of access to them
  • Access to restricted and subject matter very theoretical

This has resulted in large amounts of money have been used to invent, develop or improve production processes in the industrial sector in the EU without finally materialize through

  • Products
  • Processes
  • Services

In a real increase competitiveness and enabling certain business successes
our companies compete globally with other market players, either in the EU area or in the whole market.

The framework program comes to redeem this inefficiency. Within the same there is an important game, exclusively for SMEs that will allow them search:

  • The excellence
  • The international break
  • Differentiating technological innovation
  • Industrial leadership
  • Social Challenges
  • Additional access to private investment

But with a differentiating characteristic and absolute importance: Through textadas and scalable solutions

Is finally finding investments that the European Commission takes and therefore all citizens of the union result in an increase in the real competitiveness of companies that are beneficiaries of them.


Another novelty of absolute importance is the change in philosophy of the UE is no longer the technological novelty prerequisite (although very positive) any project based on improvements are already technological market strategy or service can be studied .

  • PHASE 1 to 50,000 euros:
    It is projects and small companies starting their journey
  • PHASE 2 to 2,500,000 euros:
    For companies that already have a corporate history and found that, although they have the knowledge, professionalism and technical means and human resources as well as the idea and defined strategy does not have the economic capacity to take that leap of quality that they place in the market as a leader.